New Video Short: Native Crafts in Bristol Bay

native crafts in bristol bay CollageOur Native traditions, including crafts and handiwork, have been passed down from generation to generation for many years throughout the Bristol Bay region. In our latest video short, “Native Crafts in Bristol Bay,” local craftspeople and artists share their techniques and workmanship with you.

Get an insider’s glimpse into ivory carving, woodworking, parka sewing and more.

Follow an ivory carver as he combs the beaches in Bristol Bay in search of whale bones and walrus tusks. Find out about the process for sewing parkas from Rhonda Nashookpuk, of Naknek, who works with pelts and animal skins.

Shareholder Roy Andrew, of Kokhanok, also walks you through his process gathering wood that no one else wants to create unique woodworks. “The projects take on a life of their own,” he says.

We encourage you to watch and to share this new video on Native craftsmen and artists in Bristol Bay:

“Native Crafts in Bristol Bay” is just one of many shorts culled from over 80 hours of footage taken during the filming of our crowdsourced, community-based digital storytelling project, “Day in Our Bay.” You can view the full, 15-minute documentary, “Day in Our Bay,” as well as all of our short videos on our YouTube Channel.

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