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Three years ago, Bristol Bay Native Corporation Shareholders participated in a digital project that resulted in a 15-minute crowd-sourced video, “Day in Our Bay.” This “day in the life” of shareholders who live in the  Bristol Bay region of Alaska included scenes depicting Alaska Native basket-weaving, ivory carving and other traditional crafts; homages to the water and land; and subsistence lifestyle and foods.

This community-based digital storytelling project traveled to film festivals and local schools, evolving into an ongoing, online forum for sharing stories about Alaska Native culture. Footage from the project was transformed into short online videos in addition to the original documentary, and all of them are available for viewing at any time on our YouTube channel.

We invite you: Connect with us across any of our social media channels where we regularly share photos and information about the Bristol Bay region–and join in on the conversations!

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Feel free to share what you see, read and watch there. We look forward to connecting.

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    Day in Our Bay is a forum for sharing the values and views of the people who live in Bristol Bay, a beautiful and remote corner of Alaska.
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