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stewardship collageThe Alaska Natives of Bristol Bay have lived with the land for over 10,000 years. The land provides for them, and in turn they protect it. Their subsistence lifestyle requires a close scrutiny of anything that endangers the Bristol Bay region.

In this video short, Shareholders discuss the importance of protecting Bristol Bay’s natural resources; and preserving the Native Way of Life in the Bristol Bay, Alaska.

Shareholder Timothy Wonhola, Sr. of New Stuyahok explains, “This region has three cultures; the Athabascans in the Iliamna Lake area, the Aleuts in Kodiak Island and the Yup’ik. We have one thing in common – our renewable resources. It makes us what we are today … I’d like to preserve them for the younger generations yet to come.”

We encourage you to watch and to share this new video on Stewardship in Bristol Bay:

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