New Video Short: Stewardship

The Alaska Natives of Bristol Bay have lived with the land for over 10,000 years. The land provides for them, and in turn they protect it. Their subsistence lifestyle requires a close scrutiny of anything that endangers the Bristol Bay region. In this video short, Shareholders discuss the importance of protecting Bristol Bay’s natural resources; … Continue reading

New Video Short: Native Crafts in Bristol Bay

Our Native traditions, including crafts and handiwork, have been passed down from generation to generation for many years throughout the Bristol Bay region. In our latest video short, “Native Crafts in Bristol Bay,” local craftspeople and artists share their techniques and workmanship with you. Get an insider’s glimpse into ivory carving, woodworking, parka sewing and more. … Continue reading

New Video Short: Beauty of Bristol Bay

Our new short video, “The Beauty of Bristol Bay,” is a stunner, and we think it will make your day. It features breathtaking views from the Bristol Bay region of Alaska as well as the beautiful sounds of crashing ocean waves, freshwater streams and rivers running, and captivating music. You will also hear how nature … Continue reading

New Video Short: Growing Up in Bristol Bay

Our latest short, “Growing Up in Bristol Bay” captures the spirit of the region through the it’s future generation. The video opens with elder Mel Brown, member of the BBNC Board of Directors now based in Anchorage, talking about his childhood memories of the land and waters of Bristol Bay. Young Dillingham native Dillon Chaney explains … Continue reading

New Video Short: Preservation for Generations

We are pleased to announce the release of our latest short, “Preservation for Generations.” This video introduce s you to some Bristol Bay Native Corporation shareholders in Alaska who voice their strong desire to continue preserving the culture, subsistence foods and Native Way of Life in Bristol Bay. In the video, Beverly Cano of Twin … Continue reading

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