The Film

In October 2011, Bristol Bay Native Corporation (BBNC) gave away video cameras to qualifying BBNC shareholders in the region who agreed to use them to take part in a region-wide, interactive, multimedia initiative. The camera giveaway was part of “Day in Our Bay,” a community video event combining digital tools, training and a powerful platform to provide Bristol Bay’s rural populations an innovative way to share their voices, views and values with the world.

Clark's Point resident, Mariano F., filming a Day In Our Bay. Photo by Zak Melms.

The “Day in Our Bay” project also included a contest to showcase BBNC shareholder stories on a global stage. The contest encouraged shareholders in the Bristol Bay region to document their lives and feelings about their land on a single day – October 15 – similar to other video projects such as “A Day on Earth.” Five contest winners were chosen and flown to Anchorage to attend the Anchorage International Film Festival in December 2011 for the debut screening of the film.

Peducia Andrew hunting with grandson Alex

“We wanted to do something special for our 40th anniversary, and this project provides a unique opportunity for Alaskans who live in the Bristol Bay region to share their voices and values with the world,” said Jason Metrokin, president and CEO of BBNC. “We are a region that is facing the potential of monumental change, so it’s never been more important for Alaskans and people worldwide to get a better understanding of who we are.”

Sharon Clark video

Professional videographers traveled to a number of Bristol Bay communities between Oct. 14 and 16 to teach video workshops to participants. BBNC purchased the Kodak Playsport digital video cameras to leave behind, so those interested in participating will have an ongoing way to collect and publish videos. A panel of judges awarded prizes in a variety of categories, looking for originality, sincerity, content and creativity. Along the way, the filmmaker mentors also filmed interviews and documenting the process.

Video submitted in the contest was used by professional editors to create 15 minute movie giving voice to Bristol Bay residents who shared images and stories about their lives and their region in unexpected ways.

KAKM Interview About the Film

The above clip is taken from the KAKM interview with Jason Metrokin, CEO and President of BBNC, and Sonya Senkowsky, Creative Coordinator for Bristol Creative Services, discussing some of the reasons we initiated the Day in Our Bay project.

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